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“Yogabeats is the original Fascial movement yoga.

Since 1995 Yogabeats has led the field in this revolutionary, non traditional approach to the practice of yoga that was initially only supported by leading Physiotherapists, Osteopaths/body workers in the UK and Europe and not the Yoga community at the time. As Yogabeats’ radical approach flew in the face of traditional Yoga, which advocated spontaneous self movement and adjustments, dramatically increasing the body’s own Fascial strength, health and somatic joy.

All of these benefits arose as a consequence of practicing in an audio environment of rhythms and music, stimulating energy and leaving practitioners healthy, happy and peaceful – the ultimate goal of Yoga !!”

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Yoga Beats Conflict: A Peace Movement, Fuerteventura 2015

25 plus Palestinians being flown out of the conflict in The West Bank, to complete their yoga training in the safe haven of Fuerteventura.

Upcoming Classes, Events & Holidays

Date/Time Event
Tue, Oct 13 15
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Yoga House Bratislava, Bratislava
Sat, Oct 17 15
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Break Free
Absolute Hot Yoga, Gerrards Cross Buckinghamshire
Sun, Oct 18 15
1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
I choose love and the beginning of the Yoga Revoluton
Tunstall Village Hall, Sittingbourne
Sat, Oct 24 15
12:00 am
London Yoga Show
Alexandra Palace, London
Sat, Oct 31 15 - Sun, Nov 01 15
10:00 am - 5:30 pm
Yogabeats Halloween Happiness Weekend Workshops with David Sye
Happy Yoga Newcastle, Newcastle
Words Woven From Wars by David Sye

Words Woven From Wars by David Sye available on Amazon end of May. Half the proceeds to benefit Yoga Beats Conflict. Book now available

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From David’s Blog

Isle of Skye

This is a big shout going out to Angela Meiklem and Mark Brown for putting together a Yogabeats weekend that Rocked the Isle of Skye and the Western Highlands ! It was a dream that grew up between us ,and I guess as the saying goes “dreams do come true!” I knew I would miss the incredible bonds of friendship that spontaneously formed between all the practitioners on that mythic islands but its kinda ridiculous ,as I am now at the end of the Vienna Yogabeats foundation course and still I find my spirit (in my spare moments) travels back to the magic of that weekend! I brought paper mache Stags head which is now mounted on my apartment wall as a reminder of this magical weekend retreat Love and thanks ,to Angela and Mark and everyone else who joined us and partied up on Skye,. Damn I miss my Clan!!! Counting the days till I see you all again in December! Big love David X... read more

Yogabeats in Barolo Tuscany

The Sunday Yogabeats all day event was two years in the making since I  met Patrizia a yoga teacher on a Yogabeats retreat in the south of Italy in Calabria . and at a weekend I held in Dublin last year where again we discussed the possibility of a Yogabeats day event on her home turf in Tuscany . We fixed the date in the diary  and just before the weekend I was to fly over the Italian Yoga Journal ran a four page article on Yogabeats and the Palestinian air lift Yogabeats Conflict is conducting later this year in November ., in short the one day event on Sunday was a landslide ., so many people crowded the pristine dance studio in Barolo ..the event was noisy and celebratory from start to finish in the way that only Italians do best!!! The plan now is to bring Yogabeats back in April/ may of 2016 for a four day foundation course …. The wine in this part of Tuscany is world renowned but honestly the people are even sweeter …. so thank you ,thank you Patrizia for putting together such an awesome weekend  … As I drive back into London all I am dreaming about is just going back !!!   Much love David... read more

London Foundation Course

A huge Thank you to all of those who attended this years London Yogabeats foundation course (and those who did not appear in this picture!) I just wanted to say that you made it for me ,one of the most inspired events in the history of this course and a place where each time the course ,as an entity evolves as an extraordinary platform for conscious evolution !!! So a big shout of gratitude goes out to each of you for totally rocking my world!!! Much love David Sye... read more

Lugano Switzerland

Thank you Maria Grazia for hosting such a welcoming return visit for Yogabeats in Lugano …11-14 sept And to all the the Lugano crew for proving the theory true , that once people are part of a living community they always return ., And inspite of all the infinite varieties of yoga presently on offer it is people like Maria in her community in Lugano who quietly show the way to where the true heart of yoga is still alive …this is the spirit that Yogabeats holds so dear and supports  ! And many thanks as well to all those special souls who so generously donated to the Palestinian air lift in November Thank you as well ,to the Italian Yoga Journal for the 4 page article that appeared on Yogabeats in this september,s issue .., , yes Lugano is one of my very favourite places ! David Sye... read more