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“Yogabeats is the original Fascial movement yoga.

Since 1995 Yogabeats has led the field in this revolutionary, non traditional approach to the practice of yoga that was initially only supported by leading Physiotherapists, Osteopaths/body workers in the UK and Europe and not the Yoga community at the time. As Yogabeats’ radical approach flew in the face of traditional Yoga, which advocated spontaneous self movement and adjustments, dramatically increasing the body’s own Fascial strength, health and somatic joy.

All of these benefits arose as a consequence of practicing in an audio environment of rhythms and music, stimulating energy and leaving practitioners healthy, happy and peaceful – the ultimate goal of Yoga !!”

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Yoga Beats Conflict: A Peace Movement, Fuerteventura 2015

25 plus Palestinians being flown out of the conflict in The West Bank, to complete their yoga training in the safe haven of Fuerteventura.

Upcoming Classes, Events & Holidays

Date/Time Event
Sat, Nov 21 15 - Sat, Nov 28 15
All Day
The Finca, La Gomera Canary Islands
Finca Argayall, La Gomera
Tue, Dec 01 15
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Abbey Road Class
Abbey Road Community Centre, Kilburn London
Sat, Dec 05 15
12:30 pm - 5:00 pm
The Notorious Pleasure, Guru Rave!!!
Happiness Yoga Studio, Liverpool
Sun, Dec 06 15
1:00 pm - 7:00 pm
There is no problem in this world that enough love cannot solve - and explores the primary dilemmas behind the causality and the resultant resolutions of the human ego, through yoga and its intrinsic benign effects within human evolution
Shrewsbury Central Baptist Church, Shrewsbury
Tue, Dec 08 15
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Abbey Road Class
Abbey Road Community Centre, Kilburn London
Words Woven From Wars by David Sye

Words Woven From Wars by David Sye available on Amazon end of May. Half the proceeds to benefit Yoga Beats Conflict. Book now available

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From David’s Blog

Yogabeats event in Tenerife

Last night Yogabeats visited the island of Tenerife for the notorious ‘Tequila Chocolate Rave ‘., the local crew that turned up absolutely blew me away ., with their welcome and enthusiasm the good vibes and celebrations didn’t stop and rolled on into the wee small hours of the dawn… And while our planet is torn wide apart by wars and violence now raging gatherings like these and many others throughout the world of yoga carry on the healing the human spirit hungers for .., A huge thanks to Emily for chasing me since last year to bring Yogabeats to the island …I will definitely be back  …much love David... read more

Milan Yogafestival

I wanted to thank everybody that attended my talk yesterday at the Milan Yoga Festival about ‘Yogabeats Conflicts ‘work in the Middle East culminating in the recent project to relocate in the safe haven of FuertaVentura .., it was so very inspiring and uplifting to realise how deeply people care about the welfare of others that they have never met .,, thank you once again everyone in Milan for your deep altruistic support !! I will take this with me tomorrow as I fly out to meet the great gathering of my friends from the West Bank in FuertaVentura ! Big shout of love going out to you guys ., David Sye... read more


I arrived in Milan and was whisked from the airport to a high security men’s jail to train the inmates by my friend Elena De Martin a wonderful Ashtanga teacher who teaches and invited me to the jail and who had the daunting task of translating my English into Italian .,when we got through the jails security the place was jammed with inmates and staff because I was on the front cover of Milans most widespread magazine,. .the guys were such enthusiastic students , seems the more oppressed humans are there reaching out towards the light is always so impassioned ,. and its always a total inspiration to have the privilege to teach such souls,. but i always feel sure I learn far more than they do ,!? At the end of the 2 hour class they each came up and shook my hand and hugged me ,.. We then drove across town to just catch the opening party of the Milan Yoga Festival and again it was jammed with so many people,..I was introduced on stage and briefly spoke about conflict resolution work I have been doing since 2004 in Palestine n Israel and as soon as the DJ hit the decks the crowd just took off and roared,.. .I suspect it’s gonna be quite a weekend ,.more to... read more

Yogabeats weekend in Newcastle

The whole ‘Yogabeats Haloween weekend’ was the wildest paaaaarty yet,… and on the last day Sunday ,. when Newcastle was sleeping off the effects of the previous nights celebrations we were once again ‘Rockin the House’ on our 2 day day ‘Yogabeats Tequila Chocolate Rave’ and it really doesn’t take much to set a Yoga Geordie Crew on fire ! I just wanted to send a big thank you to the wonderful Gill Gosling for organising the entire weekend and her enchanting Gong bath endings to each day . ,exquisite ,.and Jo for her magical studio space ,. and of course all the Yogabeatnicks who crowded in for the two days! And for those who couldn’t be there this time can’t wait to see you all when we are back with dates in2016 !!! Check with Gill for upcoming dates .., much love David... read more