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“Yogabeats is the original Fascial movement yoga.

Since 1995 Yogabeats has led the field in this revolutionary, non traditional approach to the practice of yoga that was initially only supported by leading Physiotherapists, Osteopaths/body workers in the UK and Europe and not the Yoga community at the time. As Yogabeats’ radical approach flew in the face of traditional Yoga, which advocated spontaneous self movement and adjustments, dramatically increasing the body’s own Fascial strength, health and somatic joy.

All of these benefits arose as a consequence of practicing in an audio environment of rhythms and music, stimulating energy and leaving practitioners healthy, happy and peaceful – the ultimate goal of Yoga !!”

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Upcoming Classes, Events & Holidays

Date/Time Event
10:30 am
Naples, Italy Workshop
Quartiere Intelligente, Napoli
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Abbey Road Class
Abbey Road Community Centere, Kilburn London
All Day
Cornwall Chocolate/Tequila Rave
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Abbey Road Class
Abbey Road Community Centere, Kilburn London
17/04/2015 - 20/04/2015
12:00 am
4 Step weekend Foundation Course, Cleethorpes
Cleethorpes Masonic Centre, Cleethorpes

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From David’s Blog

Darlington Yoga Festival

It was my great privilege to be invited to teach Yogabeats to a wonderful and extraordinary collection of souls from the ‘British Wheel of Yoga Teachers promoting Yoga in Darlington ‘ up on the beautiful windswept wild Yorkshire coastline ( the way nature...


“We all met up in tropical India , ..and although not everyone appears  in this picture ,.. it was the most auspicious time that we all shared together and one I can never forget ,.. the magical early morning yogabeats sessions , where our wild screams and...


My thanks goes out to Louisa Deboer for organising the magical gathering this Sunday (15 th February ) in such a beautiful village hall just outside of Winchester …. It was a full on Chocolate Yogabeats rave and the cranked up volume on the Ghetto Blaster...